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Lose Body Fat Quickly You Can Make It Happen

by Joe Gagliano

posted in Health and Fitness : Weight Loss

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Lose Body Fat Quickly


Even though it will be more difficult for some people than others to lose body fat quickly, it is still a fact that anybody can lose body fat quickly.

The reason why people can lose weight faster than others is because each individual has a unique fat loss metabolism, different genetic makeup, and unique life circumstances.

Everyone is looking for the magic formula to lose body fat, but is there a secret to this whole body fat problem? Anyone can lose weight for the short term (see any of the fad diets on the market today).

Oh yeah all those celebrity diets do work- in the short term you will lose some weight (but remember losing weight and losing body fat are two very different things), but you will more than likely gain it all back and then some..

Fat Loss Fact: When it comes to fat loss either in your workouts or nutrition any program should use the KISS principle(Keep IT Simple Stupid). An effective fat loss and diet plan does NOT have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the program the better your results will be. The more restrictive the diet, the more likely it will fail you. The fact is if your weight loss and diet plan(as well as your workouts) is that complicated you will probably get very frustrated with it and give up

But Let's Talk About Body Fat For A Minute.

It is needed by the body for a wide variety of functions, including hormone production, temperature regulation, vitamin absorption, regulation of other nutrients and to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. It keeps our internal organs insulated and acts as an emergency energy supply.

So contrary to popular belief some amount of body fat is needed for keeping you healthy. 


Losing Too Much Body Fat Too Quickly


If you try to lose too much body fat too quickly, you will probably activate your body's starvation safeguards that work to protect fat storage by lowering the body's fat burning metabolism. Don't overdo it when trying to lose body fat quickly by attempting to drop more than two pounds a week. If you try this, you will diminish your body's capacity to burn fat and maintain it.

Tip To Lose Body Fat Quickly

Be Realistic. Set goals that are attainable and maintainable. If you lose two pounds of fat per week, you are doing awesome. 30 pounds in 30 days sounds great in the advertisements, but it is not typical, and rapid weight loss is likely to consist of muscle and water, not fat, and is nearly impossible to maintain.

Although how much weight loss you have every week depends on many factors, the safest, quickest, and best way to lose body fat quickly is to only lose up to two pounds per week


Weight Training To Lose Body Fat Quickly


By working out with weights, you can burn more and more calories not only during the workout but well after it is over.

You can elevate your metabolism for about 36 hours after working out. The more intense the weight training session, the more you reduce the carbohydrate storage and the more fat is lost after the training session.

By working out with weights you can add lean muscle to your body, the muscles that burn calories without doing anything. So, the more lean muscle you gain, the more calories burn each day without any effort.


Lose Body Fat With Your Diet Plan


In order to lose body fat quickly, you need a good diet plan. So, cut calorie intake gradually in your diet plan. However, never cut huge calories.

It reduces the metabolic activities, keeps your body in starvation mode and also makes fat burning more difficult. So, cut your calorie intake slowly for every one or two weeks. By doing so, you can prevent starvation of the body and also lose body fat quickly.






About the Author:

The best way to lose body fat quickly is with a combination of cardio, weight training and a healthy diet. We have talked about weight training and your diet plan so far. No let's talk cardio. There a couple different approaches in doing cardio to burn body fat. Some people recommend you do "low intensity" cardio for long stretches at a time to burn body fat.

High intensity cardio will burn a lot more calories than low intensity versions, since it gets your heart rate to a much higher level. The calories burned are a mix of fat calories along with carbohydrate calories stored in the body.

To continue reading please go to Cardio Workouts High And Low Intensity To Burn Fat

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