Be Your Own Cat Whisperer

Where did this penchant for putting the word "whisperer" to denote a really good animal trainer come from? A couple of hundred years ago in England, Gypsies were noted for their abilities to train horses. One of the reasons they did is because they spoke so softly. Some even made a show of whispering into the horse's ear. These Gypsies were known as "horse whisperers".

Then in 1995, Nicholas Evans' best selling novel came out entitled "The Horse Whisperer." Suddenly, talking in whispers was hot. Now there are two "Dog Whipserers" (depending on which side of the Atlantic you live), a "Rabbit Whisperer" (I kid you not) and various people billing themselves as a "cat whisperer".

Do You Love Your Cat?

If you truly love your cat, you won't have any need of a cat whisperer because the cat will already have you well trained. Just by taking the time to daily interact and observe your cat's normal ways of doing things will you be able to tell how your cat is feeling and sometimes what mischief they are contemplating. You still need to take your cat to the vet, though. No cat whisperer should ever skimp on vet care.

Cats are not like dogs in that they have a need to please. They see no reason to do the things that dogs do. ("You want the ball? You get the stinking ball yourself.") Life with a cat is basically a series of compromises. When you love a cat and become really good friends with the cat, then these compromises really aren't so bad.

Never Stop Learning

You can absorb a lot of information on cat behavior of the problems that certain breeds are prone to merely by reading some cat care books from the library. There hasn't been a lot of changes in the theory of cat care in the last thirty years, so pretty much any book you pick up will have some valuable information to it.

As your own cat whisperer, you will know your cat's mood just with body language. A fat tail means a mad cat. A skinny tail curling like a question mark means a happy cat. There's not that much in between. Cats shed not because they hate your furniture, but because they can't help it. Learn to live with it.

When you notice a big or sudden change in eating, eliminating, walking or sleeping behavior, than you know it's time to go to the vet. As a cat whisperer, you will know your cat will be cranky when they are sick, so don't take any injuries personally.