Cat Behavior Problems Can Indicate Health Issues And Others Are Based On Instinct

Normally, cats are content as well as proud to be the favorite pet in the family and will purr and play with their owners. They are generally the best behaved of all pets, surpassing even dogs as far as favorite pets go. The fact of the matter is that cats have their own special personalities that endear them to their owners including being very good at taking care of themselves. If only there were no cat behavior problems to contend with, cat owners could not have asked for more from any pet.

Strong And Excitable

Cats (even house ones) are known to be strong as well as excitable and if they are not properly cared for it could cause them to develop cat behavior problems and that may make them turn into wild creatures rather than are the docile pets you wanted. In fact, every cat lover is aware of this and they also know that cats possess certain instincts that affect their behavior. Thus, as a cat owner you need to learn about cat behavior problems and know how to handle your cats so that they do not scratch or bite you - even accidentally.

Also, a number of cat behavior problems are actually just acts performed by the cat as a result of their own natural behavior. An example of this is when kittens are playing, they will naturally show aggression and may bite and claw as well as wrestle which are essential preparations to hunt for and even kill for food.

However, a house cat does not need to hunt for food and thus such behavior in them is certainly reason enough to treat it as one of many possible cat behavior problems. Thus, it is necessary in order to prevent future cat behavior problems that kittens and also cats, while they are still young, are taught to retract claws and also not scratch humans while playing. In any case, training should begin when the cats are young and with a little perseverance you should be able to get the cat to overcome their kill and attack instincts.

You can also use catnip playthings as well as fake mice. In addition, get your cat to do plenty of exercises in order to distract their attention from their hunting instincts and thus help them overcome this cat behavior problem.

When it comes to spraying, a most disgusting cat behavior problem, you need to control this behavior through use of sprays (repellant) and through proper behavior training as well as through neutering your cat.

In some cases, cat behavior problems can indicate a health issue and so it is a good idea to take them to the vet in order to get the trouble treated at an early stage. It only needs understanding that cats are naturally descended from predatory animals and thus the common cat behavior problems are those that are based on their hunting and survival instincts which with a little bit of effort and plenty of determination can be overcome and so allow you to enjoy the company of your cat without having to be bothered about their errant behaviors.