Cat Care When Traveling

When a pet owner opts to travel and brings his or her cat along, there are certain arrangements that need to be done for cat care. Cat care arrangements for traveling by car are dependent on the owner. Of course, you cannot have your pet cat loose in the car when you intend to travel a long distance by car. This is an invitation to an accident because cats can be unpredictable at times. A carrier placed inside the car should suffice for you and your cat.

Provisions for food and drink will depend on how far you intend to travel by car. Usually, cat care experts advise omitting these from the carrier to avoid a mess. You can take a break from a long car drive and at the same time feed your cat food and water. Make sure not to let go of your cat when stopping to take a break because it might run off.

Cat Care For Air Travel

When traveling by air with your cat, you actually need to make arrangements with the airline you will be using regarding cat care during the flight. In some cases, documentation regarding ownership or vaccinations may be needed. All live cats need to be in a carrier starting from the airport of origin up to the destination. The extent of cat care will depend on how long the flight will be. Many airlines would like to limit the pet's intake to just water on the day of the flight to avoid complications in the hold.

It is best to consult the airport that you intend to depart from regarding the state of your cat while traveling. Most airports do not allow cats to be outside their carriers once within the building and the airplane.

Cat Care For Boats

For cruises, cat care can be very similar to that of caring for your pet in your home. This is as long as you have established that your cat has no communicable diseases or parasites. Quarantine may be needed before traveling in some cases. You will need to bring adequate amount of food for your cat or have a cat care arrangement with the galley.

Cat care when traveling may be inconvenient for some owners especially if the trip is only for a short while. Other owners opt to leave their pets at kennels where their cat care is defined and met daily. You need to make arrangements for your cat a few weeks before your trip.