Commonsense Cat Training Tips

Yes, it is possible to train a cat to do certain behaviors. However, these behaviors will be done by the cat in the cat's own good time. Cats do not recognize any sense of urgency on the part of anything or anyone else in the universe. Never expect a cat to act like a person or a dog. That's the most basic of commonsense cat training tips that all of the others will be based on.

What's In It For Me?

Another commonsense cat training tip is to use a reward method of training. There are methods of training that punishes bad behavior. You don't want to do that. Not only is it cruel, but it just doesn't work. Your job in being a cat trainer is to make the cat do what you want the cat to do - yet make the cat think it was all the cat's own idea. Cats need a predictable reward in order to have their behavior modified in any way. Another commonsense cat training tip is to ALWAYS reward for good behavior.

Instead of punishing bad behavior with a smack or hitting with a rolled up newspaper, just hiss like a cat. Even clapping your hands sharply will get your cat's attention. When you have your cat's attention, then you can gently encourage the cat to do some other desired behavior. For example, if you see your cat about to squat in your shoes, pick up the cat and plop them in the litter box. Never hit them. If you can remember no other commonsense cat training tips than that, just follow that one.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Other commonsense cat training tips are to begin training any behavior you want inside with as few distractions as possible. You also need to work with your cat. Don't initiate a training session when the cat is sleeping, eating or sick. The only thing you will accomplish is really ticking off your cat.

Perhaps you are trying to get your cat to not eat certain house plants. You would then want to train your cat not to eat the plants. Things will go a lot easier for you if you remove the plants from the reach of the cat's mouth. Don't just leave the plants where they are and expect the cat not to touch them.

Cats are not people and do not do things out of spite. But if you are stupid enough to leave temptation within their reach, then don't be surprised when they act like a cat.