Kitten Training: Start Them Young

Bringing a new pet into your home is great, but it also means having to shoulder a lot of responsibilities that include doing things like ensuring that your pet gets the proper food and is kept clean by giving periodic baths and doing whatever else it takes to make their new life with you a success. One of the first acts that you as a cat owner would need to perform would be to get your young cat started with kitten training.

Enjoy Their Company Forever

The importance of early kitten training cannot be emphasize enough because it in fact will help the new addition to your home to understand how it must behave and how to become an independent member of the family. Of course, it will require the owner expending a lot of effort and devoting plenty of time before success from their kitten training will become evident.

Kitten training is especially recommended because when the cat is still young she will be more amenable to be taught new things and bad habits will not as yet have developed. What's more, kitten training is much more likely to succeed if owners first of all study and understand their behaviors.

Generally, kittens are very affectionate and also are known to behave well and it is only when their mood changes that you may need to suspect that something is wrong. In any case, the first step that you should take while kitten training is to ensure that your kitten is given plenty of exercise. In order to help them remain active you could even give them toys with which to play and thus keep her from becoming destructive and doing damage to the home.

The second most important aspect to kitten training is teaching them where the toilet is. A good option in this regard would be providing her with a litter box that is big enough for her to enter and leave as well as move about in.

Finally, kitten training involves using a scratching pad with which to teach your kitten where it should scratch and thus help her to understand that it is not proper to scratch whatever comes in front of her.

Kitten training also means heaping praise on the kitten whenever she does the right thing and giving her a reward when she performs a desired action is also a good idea because it helps to reinforce your training instructions. On the other hand, kitten training is not about shouting and screaming at your cat and not is it ever advisable to hit or strike your cat.

Given time and proper attention, kitten training will soon bear fruit and your efforts and time spent will be properly rewarded when you notice how your kitten behaves in the desired manner.