Litter Training Your Cat Is Very Easy

When a cat is raised in the wild, it urinates and defecates in the wild as well, obviously. The cat's instinct after it's done doing its business, is to cover up that urine or feces with dirt or sand so that predators or even prey don't know that it's in the area. This covers its tracks as a form of hunting and as a form of survival. Therefore, when you bring your new cat home from the pound, or the pet store, or you just pick one up off the street, and you put it in its new litter box, all you have to do is gently scratch its paw in the litter and there, your cat is litter trained. It's natural for your cat to use the litter box so all you have to do is show your cat where the box is and it will use that box from then on.

Training Problems

There are some cases when a cat fails litter training after that initial showing of where the box is. This could be for several reasons. If your cat is wild, such as would be the case if you took it in from the wild, it may not be used to such domestic settings. Let your cat get used to your home and you'll see litter training will soon follow. If your cat is a kitten, or was brought from the pound, and still doesn't like the litter box, it could be because of the litter you're using. Cats are very particular. They may not like certain scented kinds of litter, or some textures; so try some different forms of litter and watch your litter training efforts improve.

My Cat Went On The Floor!

If your cat was fine after the initial litter training but has recently been going to the bathroom on the floor, on your counters, or in your bed, ask yourself if something is different. Sometimes, litter training won't work if your cat is mad at you. First of all, how often are you changing your litter box? If your litter box is full of urine and feces, your cat won't want to go there. Cats are very clean and particular animals and like a clean box so change the litter often. Or, get the scoopable kind that you can easily clean. That should help your litter training efforts. If you've changed litter brands or changed the location of the box, this could also hamper litter training. Keep things consistent and your cat will be much happier and you'll see that you'll have no problem with litter training.

Litter training, again, is the easiest thing you'll have to do to train your cat. That makes cats great household pets. They go in one location, they don't have to be taken outside like dogs, and as long as you clean the box often, you'll never have to litter train again.