Popular Cat Breeds For Pets

Many people love cats and also love to have them as pets. There are many cat breeds that are popular as pets due mainly to their tolerance of being kept and for their beauty and appearance.

Persian Cats

Persian cat breeds are several but they have the common long and fluffy hair as well as the pug faces. The popularity of this cat breed that belongs to the Persian family has been around for centuries now. History has shown that these cats are prominent in their position as pets for famous people. The many breeds of Persian cats are also noted for their calm and regal disposition as well as their haughty appearance. One of the main reasons people choose this cat breed is mainly due to appearance.

There are many different coat colors for Persian cats ranging from solid colors to calico and some brindle. The hair of Persian cats are also almost always of an average length which is the same for all Persian cats everywhere.

Siamese Cats

The Siamese cat breed is also among the favorites for many cat owners all over the world. This breed of feline is noted for having darker extremities as well as a sleek and graceful body. Originally from Siam and later brought around the world, most of this cat breed are very attached to their human families while also maintaining their natural cat independence and dignity.

Due to their short hair, this cat breed tends to love warmer places compared to cooler ones. Their base color also tends to pale when they are raised in warmer climes and grow darker when they are raised in colder climates. These cats also come in a variety of shades focused mainly on cream to light tan for their base colors.

Mixed Breeds

Many cat owners will argue that pedigree has nothing to do with the affection and loyalty that cats have for their masters. In this context, mixed cat breeds are also among the most popular choices of the many cat breeds among pet owners. Many shelters encourage adopting mature or adult cats instead of buying kittens. This is due mainly to the bursting population of cats all over the country and the world. The vet may advise you to have your cat spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Choosing your pet cannot be accomplished just by looking at a picture. You need to assimilate what behavior is inherent in the breed and what to expect from them.