There Is Such A Thing As Cat House Training

Cat house training is incredibly easy in comparison to dog house training and a breeze in comparison to husband house training. Cats like cleanliness, order, quiet and basically to be left alone. Cats like small warm cozy nooks and look at a house as a series of nooks. Occasionally the will of the cat and the will of the owner clashes, but this is usually because of the fault of the owner.

Adopting Kitty

However, there is a type of cat impossible to adjust to change with basic cat house training. These are feral or stray cats that are over five years old when they are first brought indoors. They are too old to understand this massive change in their lives. It is kinder to catch, neuter and release these strays rather than force them to live in a house where they will do nothing except become panicked.

But any feral cat under five years old can often quickly adjust to living indoors with sensible cat training. All cat house training is based on ignoring bad behavior and rewarding good behavior. Never hit your cat. That will only serve the cat to see you as a threat and never pay attention to you again. If you can't keep your temper, then don't get a cat.

Cat Proof Your Home

Cats can get into mischief when they are bored. Before you bring a cat home, help your cat house training go smoother by removing anything dangerous or irreplaceable from the reach of your cat. Check up on all houseplants - many are poisonous to cats. Don't leave anything dangling from drawers or doorknobs and pick up your toys.

Cat house training goes a lot better when the cat is healthy and neutered. They will be healthier, look to you more for entertainment and not spray urine all over the walls and furniture. In cat house training, distract your cat from bad behavior by hissing or clapping your hands together, then offer a distraction such as rolling a toy along the floor. Always verbally reward your cat for good behavior.

Also, be sure your cat has 24/7 access to his or her litter box. If they can't get to their litter box, then don't be surprised when they use your shoes or your Persian rug as a substitute. Cats learn in their own sweet time, so you must be patient. Only declaw your cat if the cat lives always indoors, as a lack of claws robs a cat of his or her natural defense.