Training Your Cat To Become A Good Pet

Any cat owner will tell you that their cat is the king or queen of the house. There's no wonder why the Egyptians worshipped cats. In fact, killing a cat in ancient Egypt was enough to warrant a death sentence for that person. Cats are majestic, their graceful, agile, clean and they do pretty much what they want to do; all qualities you'd expect in a king or queen, or any royalty for that matter. All that being said, how on earth can you train you cat to be a good pet? How can you train your cat to listen to you, to come when its called, to use its litter box and to stay off your furniture? It takes work and it takes dedication, but you can train your cat. You just have to show it lots of love and lots of positive reinforcement if you expect your training efforts to succeed.

Get Your Cat To Listen

Never hit your cat. No matter if your cat is on your furniture, if it's scratching your good couch, if it's urinating on the counter, or whatever else it's doing that's driving you up a wall. Hitting an animal is never ok. All that's required if your cat is doing something you don't like, is to make a loud noise. Clap your hands and yell no. Or, get a jar and fill it with change, then rattle it next to the cat when it's doing something undesirable. The most famous way of training your cat, however, is to use a squirt bottle. You can get them at any hair supply store or even your local grocery store and they work wonders for training your cat. When your cat's bad, just squirt it. Cats hate water and they will usually come to know that the behavior they're engaging in is undesirable and they'll stop it over time.

Will Your Cat Come When Called?

Cats are independent. Many men consider cats to be like women. When you pursue them, they don't want you. When you ignore them, that's when they want attention. Cats, like women, are strange creatures. However, just like women, cats are not easily understood. Using positive reinforcement will get a cat to come. Try treats to lure your cat while you call its name. Cats love treats and they're great ways to train your cat. If that doesn't work, try using toys to lure your cat. Some cats just won't come to you unless they want to; that's a fact of life that you're probably going to have to live with, but you can try.

Use The Litter Box

Show your cat where the litter box is, gently scratch it paws in the litter and there, your cat's litter trained. That's the easiest time you'll ever have training your cat.

Staying Off The Furniture

If your cat won't stay off your good couch, or your counters, you can use the squirt bottle, which again works wonders, or you can try the loud noises. Again, don't hit your cat. You can also try a device they sell at many pet stores that makes a vibration whenever it gets on a piece of furniture you don't want it to be on. It doesn't hurt the cat and it's a great cat training tool.