What You Need To Know About Cat Potty Training

Yes, there is such a thing as cat potty training. Cats are highly intelligent animals that can very quickly get the gist of what you want them to do. The only problem is that you have to convince the cat of voluntarily performing this behavior. The first rule of cat potty training is never expect your cat to behave like a dog. Cats will learn cat potty training in their own sweet time.

Needs To Already Use Litter Box

Cats learn litter training almost instinctively. I've seen one month old kittens get the idea in the matter of hours. Cats like loose material like fresh dirt or clay or sand to bury their stools in. They also prefer to use one area as a toilet. If your cat can't figure out how to use a littler box, please take the cat to the vet. That usually is a sign that they have lost some control of their bowels and bladder.

It is key that your cat reliably uses a littler box before you begin cat potty training. They will check for the material in the box - not the litter box itself - in order to use as a toilet. Your goal is to get your cat to think of the toilet or a child's potty as a strangely shaped litter box. Also, please be sure your toilet can handle the influx of cat litter which will inevitably go down it - otherwise, you can destroy your plumbing in cat potty training.

First Steps

Move the cat's litter box into the bathroom right next to the toilet. They gradually get the idea. When the cat has accomplished that, you need to set the toilet up. You need to get a tight brown wrapping paper, thick paper bag or other strong liner that the toilet seat can hold in place. Lift the toilet seat. Stick the wrapper or bag on top of the pan. Lower the seat. Then sprinkle a kitty litter on the thick flat surface.

Then, then when they get the idea, change the flat surface to a dished surface like an old metal mixing bowl you never want to use again. You will need a bout two inches of litter here. The cat will get the idea eventually. If the cat has accidents, go back to the first steps and start all over again. Verbally praise your cat whenever you se him or her go where you want the cat to go.

Ultimately, you will take the metal bowl away and the cat will go directly into the toilet. Please be sure your cat can comfortably balance on the toilet seat. Never make an arthritic or ill cat learn cat potty training.