You Probably Think Training A Cat Is Impossible

Cats are very independent, they come only when they want to and they pretty much rule you instead of the other way around. Therefore, you probably think training a cat is an impossible task. That just isn't so, however. Training a cat can be done, you just have to keep at it, show positive reinforcement and you have to show your cat that you mean business. It all depends on what you want to train a cat to do, but training a cat is no more difficult than training a dog or any other type of animal.

Circus Tricks

Now, if you're looking to train a cat to jump through hoops, stand and balance on multi colored balls or whatever else circus cats do, yes, you'd have to be an expert at training a cat do train it to do those things. That would pretty much be impossible unless you know what you're doing and have lots of experience. However, if you just want to train your cat to do domestic things so that it's a good and loyal pet, that's not impossible at all.

Domestic Training

To train a cat, you need to show it what you want it to do. Litter training is easy. To litter train a cat, you simply set it in the litter box and rub its paw in the litter. There, it's litter trained. If it's not, just do that a couple of times and your cat will get used to it. Then, when it does its business in the pan, give it a treat. This is called positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement can also be a pet and a comment that it's a good cat. Give your cat love, show it what you want it to do and you'll see that training a cat is easy.

Will It Come, Too?

Sure your cat will come if you show it what you want it to do and you positively reinforce it. Call its name and pat your thighs. When your cat does finally come, give it a treat or pet it and love it. Then, do it again and again. You must remain consistent and you must show it that it's doing a good job. That's all there is to training a cat.

So no matter what you want to train your cat to do, whether it's to come when you call its name or something as simple as litter training, just make sure you stick with it and don't give up. If you're training your cat for the circus, however, good luck because you have a long and difficult road ahead of you.