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Linkroll - Free Link Blogging

What is Linkroll?

Linkroll is a free link blogging service.

At a personal level you can bookmark, categorize and comment on all the great web pages/links you find. All your bookmarks are then sortable and searchable by category and date. All bookmarks are also accessible, by category and/or user, in the form of RSS feed (for your news aggregator), or JavaScript (for syndication on your own web site)

It works on a group level by enabling you to browse other user's bookmarks, and subscribe to users and link categories that appeal to you. Using the subscribe function (requires registration) you can create a unique view of all bookmarks related to things and people that interest you. Conversely, there is also an ignore you can ignore particular users or link categories which don't appeal to you.

NEW FEATURE: We've just added an exciting new feature to Linkroll which enables you to create personal podcast channels. In simple terms you can now add links to media files (mp3 etc) in your Linkroll posts. These media links will then appear in your RSS feeds as enclosures...Using whatever tags you like to categorize your posts you can create as many custom podcast channels as you like. Groups can also create collaborative podcast channels just by using the same tag.

You must register to post links to Linkroll and also to access the advanced subscribe and ignore features.

What is Linkroll not?

Linkroll is not a place to store private bookmarks, everything is public.

How does it work?

  1. Signup here.
  2. Once logged in, go to the "code" page. Here you'll find bookmarklets which you can drag to your browser links bar. By doing this you'll have one click access to post new links to Linkroll as you browse the web.
  3. As you browse the web just bookmark, categorize and comment on links that you find interesting or useful. These will appear on your personal links page.
  4. Subscribe to categories that you find interesting to discover all the newest links that other users also find. You can also subscribe to links by user, so you can track what links your friends are bookmarking. The idea is to make it easy to discover new stuff. 
  5. Get an RSS reader and you'll be fed a constant stream of new links for any categories or users you like, direct to your desktop. Pretty much everything is available as an RSS feed.


Linkroll is modeled a lot on, the brilliant creation of Joshua Schachter