Angel Perfume

Perfumes are gorgeous scents that waft through the air teasing our senses. There is a great selection of perfumes for the discerning perfume lover to choose from. The people who have created these delightful bouquets for our noses must be geniuses. As we sometimes choose fragrances based on how they smell Angel perfume should win our votes hands down.

This ethereal scent was first composed by Thierry Mugler in 1922. Angel perfume is considered to be one of the world’s most expensive perfumes. This is because there was an unlimited amount of money available for Thierry Mugler to create his masterpiece. To give the perfume its heady blend you will find that the perfume notes smell like ripe berries, citrus, caramel, vanilla, chocolate, honey, sandalwood and patchouli.

When you first open the perfume bottle the soft, sweet scents of citrus and berries will hit your nose. These will blend into the caramel and vanilla scents. Afterwards you will get the fragrant odors of chocolate, honey, sandalwood and patchouli that lingers in your mind.

Angel perfume was made as an Oriental and spicy fragrance. The notes that you smell at the ending of the perfume gives Angel perfume its long lasting and intense fragrance. This perfume is now considerd as one of the world’s most recognized perfumes. It holds the number one selling spot for perfumes in France today.

Many people either love the smell of Angel perfume or they absolutely hate it. When you decide to try this fragrance you should try a little from one of the sample bottles that you can buy. This will let you know if this is a perfume that you would like to own.

As so many people seemed to love this perfume Thierry Mugler considered Angel perfume to be a success. Therefore he created other gorgeous variations on the Angel perfume theme. These perfumes fall under the Garden of Stars umbrella. All of these perfumes have small modifications that have been made to the original Angel perfume.

For men he made a cologne that had most of the original ingredients in it. This men’s fragrance was released in 1996 and it was called Angel Men. This fragrance was an intense male fragrance and it has been made to last for over 16 hours. In addition to the original scents you can also get the aroma of fresh mint and smooth coffee.

When you buy Angel perfume you will definitely be getting the full value for your money. Even though this perfume is very expensive its long lasting quality makes it an excellent buy. You can even use its refillable bottles over and over again.