The Best selling audio books list

Books are more popular than ever but it is difficult for a lot of people to find spare time to read. The answer is to pop the earphones on whilst someone reads to you or to listen in the car. The Best selling audio books list from 2005 includes a variety of genres, including thrillers, humorous books, period fiction and self improvement titles.

Some books are narrated by the author but most are read by famous actors or actresses. They may be abridged or recorded in their entirety. It's possible to download digital audio files onto a PC and then burn them onto a CD or download directly on to a portable audio player or Mp3 or similar system. Most car stereo systems will play the material too.

One of the titles on the 2005 list is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The story has gone through different mediums from novel to radio adaptation to television series. This example of best selling audio books has comic actor, Stephen Fry as its narrator. The science fiction story is a cult classic and Fry brings an authoritative tone to the text.

Another popular book captured in audio form is the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. An astonishing proportion of the world's population has already read the thriller. It's a real page turner and the exciting world of hidden messages and secret societies is brought to life by the narrator, Paul Michael. An earlier novel by Dan Brown, called Angels and Demons, is also on the best selling audio books list. This is another story concerning religious works of art and it is set in Rome and Vatican City.

Non-Fiction is popular too and Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold solidly since it was published in 1936. It is a bible for a lot of people, especially those hoping to advance themselves in the world of business and politics. An abridged audio version is available on eight CDs, running for over seven hours. The unabridged version can be obtained on eight cassettes. Another title by Carnegie, called How to Stop Worrying and Start Living is available on nine CDs, running for over ten hours.

Such is the popularity of audio books these days; some authors are producing their work onto that format alone. The actor and playwright, Ron McLarty narrates his own work, The Memory of Running and it has entered the chart for best selling audio books.