What To Feed Your Ants

When you have an ant farm, there are several things that you must learn before you begin caring for your ants. Many new ant farm owners are surprised to learn that they must feed and water their ants on a regular basis. However, what is the best way to care for your ants? With ant farms having the ability to gain thousands of residents, learning how to properly care for your ant farm is imperative for creating a healthy and active habitat. There are several foundational tips that if you stick by them you will consistently have a healthy and interesting ant farm.

The first thing you must learn how to do is feed your ants. Ants require nutrients just like anything else on this planet. There are several things you can feed your ants that will help them remain healthy and active. The main step in choosing foods for your ants, is to make sure that you never feed them anything sticky or mushy. This is unhealthy for the ants and is difficult for them to transfer throughout the colony. When picking out foods, stay with crisper fruits and vegetables. Some of the ideal foods for ants include celery, lettuce and even apples. Of course, when you are feeding your ants, you will only need to use extremely small servings.

You only need to feed your ants once every couple of days. A good rule of thumb is after a day or two, check and see if the ants have consumed all of the food, if they haven't eaten all of their food, remove the old food before it starts to mold. If you allow ants to eat moldy food, this can cause potential harm to the colony, thus jeopardizing your ant farm.

The next major tip in caring for your ants, is to make sure that you give them water on a daily basis. There are two main tools you will need in order to precisely water your ant farm. The first item you need is a dropper, any size will do, and the second thing you need is water, of course. After you have gathered these two items, you can now give your ants their desired water. Once you have put water into the dropper, you only need to put two-to-three drops on the top of the sand or soil. Never put so much water in the ant farm that a pool begins to form on the surface of the soil.

By doing this, you may accidently drown your ants. As a nice treat for your ants, put several drops of sugar water into the ant farm. Ants love sugar, and it will give them an extra energy boost, thus allowing your ant farm to grow quicker than you thought. Owning an ant farm is educational and fun, however, if you don't know how to properly care for your ants, than the duration of educational fun is quickly limited. Although, following the above steps you will have healthy, happy and energetic ants that will build an amazing ant farm.