How to Deal With Arthritis Pain

How to Deal With Arthritis Pain

There is no one single arthritis disease, but rather over 100, and each has its own list of causes, symptoms, and treatment methods. Although each separate arthritis disease is very different, one of the most commonly reported symptoms of any arthritis condition is pain, and this is why the issue of learning how to deal with arthritis pain is so very important.

Dealing With Arthritis Pain

When it comes to dealing with arthritis pain, at least you can rest assured in knowing that there are a lot of options available to you out there. The best method is to start off with the milder forms of treatment and then work your way up if you need it.

This means using over-the-counter pain medications such as Tylenol and Aspirin, those which many of us already use on a regular basis. In some cases this is going to be enough to relieve the painful symptoms caused by the disease, but in the majority of cases it is not.

For more serious arthritis pain relief, you will want to try creams and gels, which are topical medications that are applied directly onto the skin, and which for the most part can just be purchased over-the-counter. Arthritic creams can be incredibly effective for soothing tired, inflamed joints and muscles, and some of the arthritis creams on the market today contain the active ingredient salicylate, while others are based more around capsaicin or menthol, both which work extremely well also.

The most powerful arthritis pain relief of all is arthritis medication, and this can only be prescribed to you by a doctor. There are many different types of drugs that are used here, analgesics being the most commonly prescribed type. These are medications that are used to help relieve pain, and which are safe for most people, even those with allergies and stomach problems.

The most commonly used analgesic of all is acetaminophen, which is not only incredibly effective but affordable as well. If the patient is in extreme pain the doctor may even recommend a combination of acetaminophen and codeine, which is an extremely powerful pain relieving combination, and should only ever be taken under the authority of a medical professional.

It may take a bit of time to find the particular form of arthritis pain relief that works best for you, but once you do find it, it will all be worth it. Just make sure that you stick to your doctor's dosage instructions and that you keep in close contact with them and keep them abreast of how the treatment is coming along.