A Beginner's Guide to Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is a wonderful sport to get involved in, and you can have great success with your bass fishing by making yourself educated and learning some helpful tips and techniques. One of the best beginner's tips is to avoid buying a boat until you have actually learned how to fish and once you have decided that you want to make fishing a serious part of your life. Otherwise you may just want to stick to renting a boat.

There are also many bass clubs available that you can join which will mean that you will be able to fish out of the back of someone else's boat and just share the expenses for the day.


The first major step you should take in bass fishing is to choose your equipment. The first piece of equipment that you should be concerned with is your rod. There are various sizes, weights, and prices of rods that are available, and so you may find it intimidating when you head out to buy your first rod and see thousands of different options staring back at you from off the shelves.

The line that you choose for your bass fishing is also going to be very important here. The line that you choose should be relatively inexpensive if you are a beginner because you are sure to be making many mistakes early. Once you have a rod and reel you will want to move on to selecting a few lures.

There are a couple types of lures in particular that work well for bass fishing. There are working baits, which are best in deep water and great search lures. Prop baits tend to work best with a little bit of wind, and there are really no set rules with these lures so you can have some fun and experiment with your speed and power.

Popper baits are some of the most popular, especially with beginner anglers. Choose bright colored popper bait and then cast the line out and let it rest, then pop it back. You will have to experiment a bit and define your noise and pause pattern, but once you have got a hold of it you are sure to start catching bass.

Bass fishing can be an incredibly rewarding hobby, one that you will really enjoy, and it is a sport that comes with a truly fascinating history. It started as far back as the 18th century and is now considered as being one of the most popular sports in the world.