Anusara Yoga

With a ten-year history as a school, Anusara yoga was founded in 1997 and it has been part of the Hatha yoga style ever since though it shares ramifications in Tantra yoga as well. Anusara yoga appeared in the Western world as a way of emphasizing the general universal principles that govern all yoga practices for thousands of years; in Anusara yoga, we'll find all the asanas and the meditations specific to Hatha yoga, with a great emphasis on the ways to achieve bliss and joy in day to day existence. Enjoying every moment in its uniqueness is part of the philosophy promoted by schools of Anusara yoga.

Without being dogmatic at all, Anusara yoga, appeals to common people by its optimistic spiritual approach that leads to the appearance of a feeling of solidarity and belonging not only to a community, but to mankind in a very special way. With Anusara yoga, the practitioner learns that after we have conquered so much of the outer world, there is one unimaginably rich wonder land that has remained undiscovered, and only partly explored: the inner frontier. Like many other spiritual ways, Anusara yoga brings self-awareness and the joy of the discovering the treasures within.

Among the common governing principles of Anusara yoga, we need to mention the effort to open to the intention and the love of the supreme Universal Being that has created us and the entire universe. Anusara yoga practitioners define this attempt as the opening to Grace or the alignment. Then, postures enable the concentration of the energetic flow from the peripheral body areas to a focal point usually identified around the heart. Every body movement has its spiritual counterpart as it triggers a certain type of energy winding up and enhancing inner strength. The energy then emanates towards the organs, maximizing their functions and ensuring great health.

Purity of mind, spiritual power and a great health condition: these are the promises of Anusara yoga. All you need to do is focus practice, learn and enjoy meditations and get to apply the principles of well-being in all aspects of your life. However, it is good to keep in mind the fact that, when you take up yoga practice it is essential not to do so on your own and starting from informational materials that you find on the Internet. The presence of a master, teacher or guru is an absolute must to guide one on the spiritual path of spiritual achievement: yoga is not a practice to be taken lightly, as it is far too complex for such considerations.