1st Birthday Party

A baby’s 1st birthday party is an event that most parents plan with great care. These baby parties can be formal occasions where you want to showcase your baby and show how well you are coping with life, work, entertaining and your baby. On the other hand you could just have a really fun type of baby’s 1st birthday party.

For this type of birthday you really just need to keep a few facts in mind. Since you are going to be having your baby at the party it is best to keep things simple. Planning on having a buffet style table of food is one of the best ways to keep your guest feeling relaxed as they can socialize and eat at the same time.

Keep the buffet food stuff to tasty but simple menus. You should plan on a variety of different sandwiches, hotdogs, pizza slices, burgers, fried chicken pieces, salads, bread rolls and lots of tasty cakes, sweets, and drinks.

For added enjoyment having lots of brightly colored balloons strung around the site of the birthday will encourage your one year to look around at the various items that can be seen. This is a good way to encourage their interest in people. As birthday cake is one type of food that kids love to eat you should buy a large sized cake in soft bright colors that have lots of icing.

When you are looking at the different types of birthday cakes that you can buy for a 1st birthday party, you will see that besides the traditional clown or teddy bear and in colors other than blue and pink there are many other types of birthday cakes. These cakes are found in shapes like Scooby-Doo, Bart Simpson, My Little Pony, Barbie, a fireman and many others.

There is one item that you might want to do for a 1st birthday party and that is to have small individual birthday cakes for the children to eat as they wish. These little birthday cakes don’t have to very expensive.

What you can do is to buy lots of cupcakes in flavors like chocolate or vanilla and decorate these “cakes” with tons of frosting. To make the cupcakes look even more delicious and festive you should sprinkle some multicolored M&Ms or sprinkles over these little cakes.

Even though your baby is still too small to fully enjoy the party you can plan on having lots of fun games like Pin the tail on the Donkey, breaking Piñatas, Musical chairs and you can even have a mystery treasure hunt for your small guests to enjoy. Have lots of chairs placed everywhere for your guests to relax in your house and garden.

By keeping things simple but enjoyable both you and your guests will enjoy celebrating your baby’s 1st birthday party. As the party winds down you will have a store of memories and photographs to share with your baby once they are a little older.