Birthday Party Themes

Birthday parties can be held as your regular party or you can have birthday party themes. These themes can range from the modern to the cave man days if you want. You can also decide if your party will have a formal theme or an informal look. As you look at the different types of themed parties that you can hold you will see endless possibilities.

These possibilities for birthday party themes can also extend themselves into the décor for the party, the invitations that are being sent out and the food that you are serving. With a themed party you have the ability to set the budget that you can afford.

For instance you can choose to have you r birthday party as a wild safari adventure. You can inform your guests that they can wear any costume that has to do with the jungles. While your guest are choosing to be Tarzan, a lion, a headhunter, a native guide or even a crocodile, you can decorate the place of your party by transforming your home or birthday destination into a jungle with the clever use of fabric and large sized pictures.

The other alternative that many young girls will enjoy is that of a Disney Princesses birthday party or an undersea mermaid type of theme. Both of these birthday party themes will work out beautifully as all that you really need to make the party venue look like a magical kingdom is to drape the area with soft pastel shaded cloth or streamers that have been draped to resemble a royal setting.

To carry these different birthday party themes even further you can have matching accessories. Your local birthday party supply store should have plenty of different Disney princess plates, napkins, hats and even party favor bags for the little princesses to take their “treasures” home in.

For the jungle safari you will find accessories like jungle sound music to play through the entire party area. Have “jungle” animals dotting the various places in your “African jungle” to make the feeling of a safari come alive even more.

Our list of birthday party themes would not be complete without any mention of scary haunted houses. While these are traditionally Halloween themes they can readily be adapted into a birthday party idea as well.

For this haunting theme you should make sure that your guests are allowed to wander through an area filled with the haunting sounds that come with a haunted house. You will be able to buy accessories like skeletons and sticky thread spider webs to hang in your home.

These many different birthday party themes can make a birthday party even more enjoyable as your inhibitions fall away. You may want to look at combining other ideas for your party to make some fantastic birthday party themes meld together and provide hours of happiness. Using ideas like this can make a special day even more special just by the different look that is seen.