BMX Bicycles

As the BMX is a sport in which the bicycle have to face lots of shocks and strains these bicycle have to be specially designed. As the BMX is divided into two types as the free style and racer both these types have their own special bicycles. As in the racing the bicycle has to bear slightly less harsh conditions, they are not as strong as the free style bicycles. On the other hand, the free style bicycles are very strong and heavier.

In the races, the bicycles are light in weight so that they racer is able to gain more speed. However, in this too the bicycle has to bear some amount strain as they are sufficiently stronger. They have knobby type of tires. However, as in this sport the rider may find the need of applying breaks abruptly they have very good and quick rear breaks.

On the other hand, the free style bicycles are heavier in weight, and thus they are stronger and also they bear sufficiently stronger loads.

The frames of the bicycles are made from the aluminum or some of its alloy. The advantage of using this metal is that the bicycles are light in weight having good strength and also they are rust proof. They have the necessary thickness as per the requirements.

The lightness of the bicycles also will affect its price. The more lighter the frame, the costlier the bicycle.

As the rider has to bear the different types of stresses during the riding the shape of these bicycle are properly planned. The maximum resistance is provided by the air and therefore for avoiding they have such a shape that the rider can sit in proper position for avoiding it.

The wheels i.e. the tires of these bicycles are about 20 inches in diameter. In this the cruiser types has broader tires of 25 inches. According to the type of the BMX racing these bicycles have different types of tires. Therefore it is important that you should consider the type before purchasing the bicycle.

The handlebars feature the upright bars, small saddle bars, and longer cranks. The breaks are present in the rear region of the handle. All these bars have good padding around them. This provides good comfort while riding these bicycles.

The breaks work on the vertical pulling mechanism, which provides a very good and immediate haut to the bicycle. In addition to this these breaks also provide you the flexibility to stop immediately or just to slower down the speed. For this you have to either manner pull them i.e. harder for immediate breaks and lightly for reducing the speed of the bicycle.

The seats for these bicycles are soft as the normal bicycles. However in addition to this, as in this sport there is a danger of the rider falling off the bicycle during the jumping, they have extra support for the rider.

The paddles the rollers the chains etc are all smoother than the normal bicycles. This is very important as it saves the energy and time during race.