How Do You Bid At A Car Auction

How do you bid at a car auction? A car auction is an exciting, busy place to be. Many dealers, car enthusiast, and novice buyers show up to bid on a multitude of vehicles. When you first arrive at the car auction you're able to browse the selection in the car lot and choose what you think you might want. At the same time hundreds and maybe thousands of other people are looking at the same cars you are. You must be able to find the car you want and choose a price you wish to pay for it. It is also a good idea to look at maybe two or three other cars in case the first bid is lost to another buyer.

Planning is the watchword as you carefully look at your vehicle and decide if the vehicle is worth the amount of money you want to spend and if it is also a car that you know that you have enough money to pay for.

Once you've decided which car you want and how much money you want to pay, the best advice is to go into the car auction with your plans preset. Once your car comes up from the lot there can be several people trying to buy the same car that you want for yourself. As the bidding starts out low wait a few minutes to see if somebody is even interested in the car that you want. In a car auction people will go call out bids just to get the bidding started or raise the price of the car.

Sometimes a shrill bid is used where the dealer will have another buyer in the crowd falsely bid on the car only to raise the price of the car and not have a genuine want for the vehicle. Feel things out and listen to the auctioneer. If the bidding slows and maybe two or three people still have a fighting chance for the vehicle, go ahead and put your bid in. Never exceed the amount of money that you are willing to pay. Bidding on a car is an exciting thing, almost like gambling. It can sweep you away in the emotion and all of a sudden you're paying thousands of dollars more for a car than it is really worth. Stay sober while you are at the car auction. Alcohol can confuse your judgment and you can bid on things by accident or just get caught up in the moment and spend more money than you really want to.

What you make your bid watch the other bidders currently. If they are discussing that bid with their partner or friend, maybe they are feeling nervous and are ready to back out. Only bid in the permits the auctioneer suggests. If the auctioneer is raising the cost by hundreds and thousands of dollars, wait until the increments come down to your spending level. There is a lot of noise and confusion at car auctions, so be careful of your body movements.

Scratching your nose or pulling your hair back can be mistakenly interpreted for a bid for a car that you do not want. Placing a bit at a car auction is an exciting thing but to go in without pre-knowledge of the vehicle or the bidding process can set you up for financial loss or embarrassment.