Arabica Coffee Beans Make Great Coffee

The Arabica coffee beans that make a wonderful cup of coffee are produced worldwide including in Latin America and areas in Asia as well as Africa. Experts suggest that the Arabica beans were the first type of coffee beans that were cultivated and today it is produced more than any other type of coffee beans. The plant can typically take approximately seven years to reach its full size. The plants create fruit which contain seeds that are the Arabica coffee beans. In order for the beans to make a great cup of coffee the beans are required to be picked at the proper time.

The Arabica beans when compared to other varieties of coffee beans contain a lower amount of caffeine. The typical Arabica coffee bush provides about one pound of coffee in a year. The Arabica plants thrive on the steep slopes as well as the terraced highlands which provide the right amount of sunlight and well as rain. The coffee plants are usually grown lower than six thousand feet in elevation.

The Wet Process

After the Arabica coffee beans have been picked from the coffee bushes the beans undergo one of the two popular processes that are utilized to get the coffee beans ready for sale and roasting. When the beans are prepared with the wet process, fermentation is utilized in order to remove the Arabica coffee beans from the husk. After the soaking process has been completed which typically takes several days the beans are removed and dried out in the sunshine on huge patios for about six weeks. During the daytime the coffee beans are rakes continuously and transported into covered buildings where they stay during the night.

The Dry Process

The primary difference of the dry process for the Arabica coffee beans when compared to the wet process has to do with the husks not being removed right after being harvested. The dry process utilized for the coffee beans allows the husk to stay on and eventually it dries around the Arabic beans.

The Arabica coffee beans provide a cup of coffee with a different type of flavor depending on the area of the world where they were produced. Some of the varieties have a flavor that reminds people of various spices, nuts a swell a chocolate. Coffee made from Arabica beans is preferred by a lot of coffee drinkers when compared to a cup of coffee made from Robusta coffee beans. The Robusta beans cost less but they typically produce a coffee that has a woody, harsh acidic taste. A cup of coffee made from Arabica beans typically has a mild flavor and the right level of acidity. Arabica coffee beans can provide you with a great tasting cup of coffee.