Recycled Glass Countertop Has an Intelligent Design

A Recycled Glass Countertop is made from recycled glass and cast concrete. The glass that is used has either come from a consumer or from the industry. The surfaces are polished and the Recycled Glass Countertop is then mainly a post-consumer recycled content.

Environment and Health

A Recycled Glass Countertop is environment friendly because both the cement and the glass used in the product has been recycled. Such countertops are also the end products for hard to recycle types of glass. It is not only environment friendly but also healthy for people who like to avoid glues which are generally used to join conventional countertops like the plastic laminate.


A wide variety of colors is available for Recycled Glass Countertops. You can get a single color or even mixed colors for the glass. The cement in which the glass is embedded has several color choices as well. The size of the glass pieces can also be according to your choice.

The installation of the Recycled Glass Countertop has to be done by a professional representative of the company which manufactures the countertop. Maintenance is easy, as a simple all-purpose cleaner can help to clean the countertop. Just soap and water is good enough, harsh abrasives should not be used. Taking special care of it would mean buffing it with a wax a few times a year and resealing it once every year or two.


The performance and durability of the Recycled Glass Countertop can be compared to granite. It is heat resistant, so it can be placed next to a stove. You can put a hot pot on it, but like any other sealed surface, if the heat is prolonged and excessive, the sealant may give way. Hence make sure that you reseal periodically.

Don't try and cut on it, because it will dull your knife. It is also comparable in price to granite and also marble, but it is less porous than marble. However, if acids like red wine, lemon juice or vinegar spill on it, the concrete area in between the glass will be stained, if not cleaned immediately. Even tea and coffee should not be allowed to remain on the surface to prevent stains.

Hence the Recycled Glass Countertops are especially popular because they are made of concrete and recycled glass and offer an environmental friendly alternative to natural stone and solid surface materials. Due to their non-porous, durable and heat-resistant qualities, they are extremely suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as well. Besides, the material can be shaped, cut, inlaid or mounted. That is why it can be used for applications from countertops to flooring.