Asking The Right Dating Questions

When you join any kind of dating service, be it in person or on line, you will be asked a series of dating questions. Then you will usually be given the chance to have your prospective date answer questions about personality and lifestyle that you consider important for a good match. These dating questions can help you determine the other person's interests, their personality, the temperament, and if you have anything important in common with them. These questions need to be as direct as possible, because when you are talking to a prospective date you have nothing to lose if you ask a series of dating questions and absolutely everything to gain.

Your interests and your prospective date's interests have to have some areas in common for you to have any kind of chemistry. However, there should also be enough interesting areas of not so similar interests so that you two may be able to learn something from each other and have an interesting conversation. Plus, having varying interests can give you an idea of how different you are from each other as opposed to just using a few areas of common interest as proof that you have a lot in common.

These types of dating questions can then be very direct and your date will learn as much about the questions you ask as you will learn from the answers they give. If you like going to the drive-in movies then ask your prospective date about drive-in movies. Not only will you learn something about your date, but you can also get an idea of where to go on your first date that would be interesting to the both of you.

It's More Than Just Casual Interests

These initial dating questions don't want to get too personal because you don't want to pry too much on an initial meeting. You should be able to ask certain things in the initial dating questions so you know what your date is expecting from you and what you can expect from them. These questions include the kind of person they are looking for, what their favorite foods are, and what their favorite time of year is are just fine for this stage. Questions about kids and marriage can probably wait for later on in the relationship if you are lucky enough to have it progress that far.

Getting to know your prospective date is very important and well formulated dating questions can help you get to know each other very well. You learn from their answers and they learn from your questions.