They Many Type of Decks

There are many types of decks in the world.

There is the deck of cards, the deck of a skateboard, and of course, the deck of a ship, immortalized by pirate stories, where captives are made to mop a pirate ship's deck. Included in the type of decks would be the deck of swimming pools, which are basically the "floors" surrounding swimming pools.

But in the world of architecture and design, decks are basically flat surfaces which serve purposes no different from that of floors, as these type of decks are items designed to support varying degrees of weights. This entails the type of decks when one talks about architecture and decks. They are oftentimes constructed for outdoor use, and are often used to connect the various sections of a home. They are often used, again, to connect various sections of a home, or to complement a home garden's landscape design, as well as alternatives to the more stone based of patios. Historically, decks in one's home were made from Western Red Cedar, Redwood and Atlantic White Cedar. But due to the vast over logging of these trees, a number of wood alternatives, as well as material alternatives are now being utilized in decking, which also refers to the construction of decks. In the 1960s, the logging of Western Red Cedar was being more regulated, due to environmental concerns.

These days, a number of materials could be utilized in the construction of decks, for the more traditional of decks, to the more divers of deck designs. Deck materials include, composite material, treated lumbers/timbers, Teak, Mahogany, Ipe, even aluminum, recycled planks, high-density polystyrene, polyethylene and PET plastics, as well as wood fibers and other mixed plastics.

Typically, types of decks are determined by their function, which comes about from their construction needs. For example, one example of a type of decks are used in the construction of boardwalks, which are constructed over sand on barrier islands.

Many type of decks are often complemented with retractable awnings, which provide shelter against rain and sunlight. These retractable awnings are rather perfect complements to these type of decks, as they are quite easy to install, and aren't exactly fixed structures, meaning they could be easily "called upon" should they be needed. The retractable nature of these awnings also benefit users, in the sense that the overall design of a deck isn't compromised, as they could be easily stored.

Indeed there are many types of decks, with deck in the architectural sense being one of the most diverse.