Designer Handbag: A Status Symbol and no More

The earliest known instance of a designer handbag seems to be from the fourteenth century when it all began as a tiny pouch that was made out of leather and whose main aim was to enable the wearer to carry his or her coins conveniently as well as safely. This early purse was simple in its construction and required only cutting a round cloth piece which was then sown along with a thin strap that was also made from leather and which wrapped around the purse.

However, during the fifties there was a rapid and distinct change in designer handbag with big fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes and even Chanel bringing out their own very select creations. At present, there are many big names involved in making designer handbag including Prada, Coach, Kate Spade and many others who are making high quality designer handbags.

Keeping Small Things

However, one thing that has not changed much since the beginning of the designer handbag is that they are still used to keep small things such as tissue, hairbrushes as well as items of makeup. Nevertheless, its main purpose is also to make a bold statement of fashion and it is thus very ornamental and perhaps quite frivolous as well.

Being so fashion oriented, it is not surprising to learn that a designer handbag will cost you a pretty penny and with Hollywood actresses as well as other famous personalities buying them to show off their power, position as well as wealth, an average buyer can only ogle and marvel at the skyrocketing prices of them.

Thus, a designer handbag is usually only affordable to someone with plenty of financial leverage and who requires an accessory to make others envious of them and which also shouts out loud that they have a social status far removed and above that of an average person.

If however, you wish to also get in on the act, then your best bet would be to look for replica designer handbags that are affordable and which also look just like the original though of course they lack in the finery, detail and exquisite construction of an original. Also, when you opt to buy a replica designer handbag, you should be aware that you are putting money into the hands of copycats and so you need to take a call whether it is in fact worth owning such a designer handbag or not.