Tips on How to Prevent Diabetes

There are two main tips on how to prevent diabetes. One, watch what you eat by going on a diet. Two, get plenty of exercise. By following these simple tips you can help prevent the onset of diabetes in yourself. There are also other tips in which you can consider when trying to decide how to prevent diabetes.


Of course we know there is no one specific diet that works for all of us, so we have to figure out what works for our individual bodies. However, the constant in all of these diets is to drink plenty of water no matter what diet you choose to implement into your life. A tip for dieting is to look at ones genetic makeup which will prove to be beneficial when deciding on the diet for you.

Processed carbohydrates should be eliminated when trying to stay on a diet to prevent diabetes. Eating carbohydrates two hours before bed is not beneficial for a diet on how to prevent diabetes; therefore, cutting back on the night time snacks will help this process of your diet. Balance all fats, carbohydrates and protein. Do not eat all of one or all of another. Also, eating at least five or six small meals a day is beneficial to keeping your blood sugar and insulin levels where they should be. To start a diet off right every day, begin with a breakfast that is high in protein.


How to prevent diabetes you can start an exercise regimen that is tailored for your needs. Burning fat and building muscle is the number one thing you can do to help prevent diabetes. Having a lean well maintained body will help in your fight against diabetes. Walking is the number one exercise to raise your metabolic rate. Walking will also level out the blood sugar in your body.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking farther out in a parking lot will help increase your activity level. By paying attention to the everyday things you are involved in, you can in turn figure out how you can burn more calories by doing that vey same activity. Instead of just watching your kids play at the park, get involved and play a game with them.

Other Tips

First, find out if you at risk for diabetes or possibly have pre-diabetes. Talking to your doctor on how to prevent diabetes will help you move mountains on this disease. Second, set realistic goals. Do not expect to knock out the chances of diabetes overnight. If deciding to walk, add on time to each walk building up the amount of workout you have each walk.

Third, make better choices when eating food. Instead of those cookies you just love go for the more healthy choice of fruit. Also, reducing the intake of fat will help wonders. Fourth, keep track of all the things you eat and do by writing them down on paper. This way you will be able to see the progress you are making. Also, letting your doctor look at the progress you have made will help him or her give you better advice on how to prevent diabetes.

Number five, do not give up. If you have been working at it a while and you are still not seeing results, have faith because it takes time. If you get off track, you will see your way through it. The key to success with anything even on how to prevent diabetes is to stay focused and keep pushing toward your goal.