Making a Fashion Statement: Diamond Jewelry

There are many jewelry items that an individual can wear. In addition, there are many reasons why individuals where jewelry. Some of those reasons can include the desire to accent certain portions of their body, make a fashion statement, make a financial statement or express their love and commitment to someone. An example of this type of reason can be the wearing of an engagement ring or wedding band.

Also, jewelry can be made from a number of metals or other materials. These metals can be precious metals such as gold, silver, titanium, platinum, etc. Or the jewelry can simply, but elegantly be made from precious gems. Some of those gems could include sapphires, rubies, etc.

One other example of jewelry that provides a classic style and design is diamond jewelry. In addition, there are many popular styles of diamond jewelry available to the consumer. Some of those styles of jewelry could include rings, necklaces and earrings.


Rings have always been a popular diamond jewelry item. This is because they can be conveniently worn on any of the fingers of the right or left hand. In addition, the hands of the body are always being noticed by others as well as the individual.

This allows for the individual who is wearing the diamond on one of their fingers to bring attention to that particular piece of jewelry. Therefore, the person can make one of the three statements as listed above or incorporate all three statements at the same time.


Another appropriate part of the human anatomy that calls for adornment by diamond jewelry is the neck. Often, when a woman wears a formal evening gown, the neck and neckline are laid bare. This backdrop provides an excellent location to make that fashion statement or express one's affluence and taste to those around them.


Finally, another area of the body that can be adorned with diamond jewelry is the ear and more specifically the ear lobe. Often women and men will use this particular part of the body to make their fashion statement and insert or attach to the ear lobe a diamond earring.

In addition, there are many types of diamond earrings that can be placed on or in the ear lobe. Some of those styles of diamond earrings could include a simple diamond stud or dangling earrings that allow diamonds to cascade downward from the ear.

Also, the beauty of wearing this particular piece of diamond jewelry is that individuality may be expressed. This individuality can be seen as the individual may choose to wear an earring in both ears or simply wear one earring in the ear of their choice.