Small Dog Care Tips And Suggestions

The basics of small dog care are pretty much the same with all other sizes of dogs. They all need shelter, food, water and lots of loving. The sizes of the food and quantity of the water may differ between small dogs and big dogs but the loving is all the same. Small dog care may seem easier for some owners because there is little food to prepare, a smaller body to groom and smaller mess to clean up.

Food Tips For Small Dog Care

Choose dry food that has bits that your smaller dog will be able to bite comfortably. Some of the smaller dogs have a difficult time getting big sized food bits into their mouth to bite and chew. Bear in mind that small dogs also have small teeth that may break easily if the food is too tough for them.

Small dog care must also focus on the amount of food that you provide your dog. Try to give proportionate amounts of food to your smaller dog. One cup may suffice for smaller dogs and it is best not to overfeed or put too much food in its bowl. Some dogs tend to scarf down whatever food they see and end up with an engorged stomach or distended stomach.

Small Dog Care Grooming Tips

Grooming a small dog can be easier than a larger dog because you can lift and turn a small dog to clean easily. Other than that, the basics in grooming apply to all sizes of dogs. A small dog care tip is to trim the nails more frequently than larger dogs. This is because small dogs tend to have things quite easy and are carried around by their owners or spend their days on the couch. Their nails may not wear down as naturally as larger dogs.

Small dog care still requires daily brushing, which is similar to that of larger dogs. The size of the brushes and combs may be smaller to fit the dog size. Brush your smaller dog gently because you might accidentally yank it due to its lightness.

Small dog care is not that different from caring for medium sized and large dogs. Owners just need to regulate according to the size of the dog. Small dog care is supposed to be even less expensive than caring for larger dogs but smaller dogs are more pampered by their owners, which is why they their owners spend more on them.