How to Choose Engagement Ring Designers

Choosing an engagement ring can be really nerve wracking, there is a lot of pressure for you to pick the right ring. To avoid this you can choose the engagement ring with you partner. This way you are assured that you are buying something that your partner truly loves and will be happily showing off to everyone.

Choosing engagement ring designers together to create a unique pair of engagement rings for each of you is also another option that you should think about. Selecting the right engagement ring designers is important so that you get rings that are beautiful and that will last lifetime.

Experience and Expertise

How do you find the right engagement ring designers? The best place to start is with friends who have already been through the whole shebang. Talk to friends who have been married and had their engagement rings custom designed. They will be able to point you towards engagement ring designers who are good and who are bad. The former will be a good place to look and you can avoid the latter places.

Look online for designers and look at discussion boards and forums. The Internet is a remarkable place and a good resource for word of mouth advice. Reading about other people's experiences outside of a designer's website can help you find really great engagement ring designers. What's more you may be able to find designers who are not as expensive as your local jeweler and yet still produce high quality rings.

When choosing a designer for your engagement ring, look at their body of work carefully. Do they specialize in custom designs or do they largely do vintage and traditional designs? You want a designer who is familiar and experienced with the type of ring that you want to get. Asking a designer to make something that he or she is unfamiliar with is asking for trouble.


Custom designing your engagement ring is a wonderful thing to do. It means that you will definitely have a unique ring that no one else has and you can work special things into it that you otherwise wouldn't be able to. The downside is that you will have to pay more for this customization.

Customized engagement rings don't always have to feature diamonds, because you are in charge of choosing the elements you can lower the cost by focusing on other details beside gem size and type. Think about these things as well when designing your engagement ring.