Wood Fencing Perfect In Any Home

Wood fencing can fit in any style of house. It has a wood gradient texture that adds beauty to a home. The texture is the main reason why homeowners choose wood fencing material. Add to that is its versatility; it can fit into all types of houses, whether the architecture is modern or old and ornate.

Installing a wood fencing system, however, may pose some problems: on proper installation and the natural decomposition of wood. Isolated parts of the fence system might sink. This is mainly because wood does not hold up to the ground firmly, so some parts sink down deep to the ground. Fence builders solve this problem by using steel posts at regular intervals along the fence. Fasteners are also used to keep the fence in place. Choose galvanized steel fasteners to resist corrosion.

Wood decomposition can also be a problem. It is very important to choose the right type of wood for a long-lasting fence system. Cedar and redwood are rot resistant which make them fine choices for wood fencing. There are also wood grains that are pressure-treated to withstand rotting.

The appearance of the wood fence system depends largely on its wood grade. The best choice and the most costly grade is the clear wood grade. Other grades can be expected to have defects like knots along the face of the wood. Several wood grades are available to fit on one's budget; like the standard wood grade that has defects on one wood face

while clear in its other face. What is important though is that the homeowner should see to it that the wood grades along his fence system are uniform. He must not use different types of wood grades for wood fencing since the fence will have a dirty or unsightly appearance.