Tips for Beginner Fly Fishing

People watch fly fishing on television and they think that beginner fly fishing must be very easy because it looks like that on television. First of all what you are watching on television is not beginner fly fishing, that is fly fishing being done by professionals with years of experience who have worked on and perfected techniques that take years and years to get right.

Secondly it is television and the chances that everything went that well in the first take are probably pretty slim. Television has a way of dressing things up so that it all looks so appealing and easy to everyone at home and this is where this notion that beginner fly fishing is so easy comes from. Well, beginner fly fishing isn't easy and here are some valuable tips you will need to get you started.

For equipment you need a pole, a reel, special fly fishing line, and a fly. Many people make their biggest mistake with beginner fly fishing at the line. Fly fishing line is thicker and heavier that standard fishing line for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that you do not use sinkers or lures in fly fishing so there is nothing to weigh the line down. Therefore the line itself needs to be heavy so you can fly cast it properly. It is also thicker because you need to cast with accuracy and that is hard to do with lighter line. So make sure that for your beginner fly fishing expedition you get the proper supplies and tools to get the job done.

Don't Skimp

Many people will attack beginner fly fishing with a mind to catch fish and no mind on the equipment they will use to get the job done. Never skimp on your equipment because if you buy cheap equipment and it fails on you at the beginning of your trip then you have a long fishing trip ahead of you. Get the best reel you can afford and the best pole you can find. You can ask someone at the sporting goods store but you are better off asking someone you know that fishes because sporting goods store clerks love to see people in beginner fly fishing and try to sell them stuff they don't need.

Fly casting is about the most difficult thing you can ever do and it will require practice. Make sure you take the time to get used to casting the fly line and get used to fly casting in general because it does take some practice.