The Benefits Of Gardening

Gardening has been around for centuries. It has many benefits that stem from needs and wants. Having your very own garden to plant vegetables, flowers and fruits or any other ornamental plants in is very fulfilling. Some people have no idea how to garden while other has a knack to it. Taking care of plants will need time and effort. Do not start a garden if you know that you can not follow through because a dead garden will only disappoint you.
We Reap What We Sow
There are many different benefits of gardening. Among these are the benefit of having fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers for your home. Growing your very own foods for consumption helps you eat better. Some individuals use the organic method of gardening, which means that they are propagating their very own pure and all natural fruits and vegetables. Organic gardening promotes better health because people who grow their own vegetable and fruits tend to eat them also.
Other benefits of gardening are stress relief and relaxation. The act of gardening helps to relieve us of stress and frustrations that we feel everyday. The mere act of digging and taking care of plants helps us to relax as well. Our connection to nature is also established through gardening. We learn to take care of our plants and also develop an affinity to nature.
Exercise is also another benefit that we get from gardening. The movement that gardeners employ through cutting, pruning, bending, lifting and other uses up our calories and makes us sweat. This is a great way of exercising ourselves and can give us a lot of benefits. It also encourages us to breathe in fresh unpolluted air and to take in some sunlight. Fresh air and sunlight are necessary for our health.
Gardening also encourages our creativity in such a way that we plan our garden and yard in a systematic way or just scattering the seeds of the plants we want to grow. Planning a garden will help us develop analytical thought and systematic thoughts as well. There are many things that we need to consider when gardening.

Gardening also encourages us to develop patience and other values. Plants do not usually grow overnight into adult plants. The time and effort we put into our garden will help us become more responsible adults and more grounded adults. Working on a garden is honest to goodness real work and it helps mold us into honest to goodness real people.