Gardening Tips Can Improve Yield And Mood

No matter how long you have been tilling the soil, there will always be a few gardening tips that can help your garden grow better and be more productive. However, if you are the perfect gardener, share your gardening tips with others that may lack the knowledge and experience you have accumulated over the years. Very few people will spend hours in the hot sun tending their garden just for fun and if they can improve the yield from their fruit and vegetable plants, they will be grateful for the advice.

It is very frustrating to new gardeners to look over an anemic collection of plants while a neighbor's garden seems to be flourishing with life. While a few may make the trek to their house and ask for advice, many will stay away and search catalogs and how-to books for gardening tips to help their plants develop into something special. One thing to understand, if your garden is not fairing too well and the neighbor's is, there may be something unique about the area that you are unaware of.

Many long time gardeners are reluctant to offer unsolicited gardening tips, not wanting to appear obnoxious in how they share their knowledge. A person who is having trouble with their garden should have no fear of asking what they are doing wrong. About the worse thing that can happen is the neighbor will not or cannot offer gardening tips on how to make things better.

All Tips Based On Common Factors

When considering gardening tips to help your plants grow better, consider some of the common traits of all plants. They all require food, water and oxygen to grow into healthy, fruit bearing plants. There are some commercial fertilizers that if used too frequently can actually harm the plants and soil testing can help determine what needs to be added to level out the acidity of the ground.

Too many new gardeners tend to give their plants too much water. Consider that common grass requires about two inches of water every week, preferably all at once instead of spreading it out over several days, many garden plants will require the same. In many gardening tips, advice on watering will be different depending on the plant, but they will need water.

Sometimes the ground around the plant becomes too hard for water and air to reach the roots. When this happens, the best gardening tips advise you to loosen the dirt to allow the roots to breath while they get a fresh drink of water. Considering all the basic needs of the plants will make self-discovered gardening tips more obvious.