The Many Uses for a Golf Club

A golf club is an implement of death and destruction used to carry out the necessary cutting motions involved in playing the game of golf. Many people turn their backs on a golf club because all they see is the tool used to play an elitist game and a symbol of something that could even come to represent a separation of the classes. But with golf catching on in high schools, inner cities, and amusement parks all over the United States the time has come to appreciate the flexibility of the golf club and also explain why everyone should carry one in their car.

In most cases a spontaneous game of golf is not going to break out on the thruway as you are driving home so you may be wondering at what the potential practical uses of the golf club could be outside of the golf course. Some of these uses are obvious and others not so obvious but once you put your mind to it you are certain to realize a myriad of uses for the golf club that do not involve paying for greens fees.

First of all if you ever get locked out of your own house you can use a golf club as a way of getting in to your home and unlocking the door for the rest of the family. Of course the replacement of the front room window may cost considerably more than just calling a locksmith but in the end you have found instant gratification from using a golf club outside of the golf course.

This concept also applies to getting into your car after you have locked your keys in there but that requires you to use the golf club as a sort of cane and keep it with you at all times. People may question the logic of such an act but when they see the quick and swift way in which you retrieve your keys from a locked vehicle they are sure to appreciate the idea as they are fleeing in terror.

Gardening and Other Jobs Around the House

A golf club would also make an inexpensive weed wacker for your lawn and the process of removing weeds with your golf club can also act as your exercise for the day. It all rolls together into one nice little package if you really let your mind go.

You can use it to remove that nasty hornet's nest from under your roof although you may want to wear long sleeves for that. It can also be handy at removing icicles from your roof as well but this requires a higher level of safety preparation that you may not be inclined to participate in. If that is the case then you may want to pass on the icicle removal.

So as you can see the common golf club has many uses outside of the golf course and don't forget that a well swung club can also act as a deterrent to crime as well. But, as with any vigilante act, please take caution before attempting to take the law into your own hands.