Hybrid Formats of HD DVD

HD DVD is one of the latest in the field of optical disc format. Designed and developed to replace the standard DVD format. HD DVD and Blu Ray disc (one of the two next generation format) are presently on battle of what is known as the "optical disc format war". The two next generation optical disc formats are mainly designed and developed to replace the standard DVD. The said optical disc format war is the contest for supremacy in the field of high definition optical disc format.

Even though HD DVD is already available on the market, developers and designers of HD DVD are still doing constantly research and developments to enhance and improve further the HD DVD technology. Lots of innovations have been made since HD DVD was released in the market. Constant research and developments are undertaken to make HD DVD much better. And because they are currently engaged in a battle for optical disc format supremacy and also in order to beat its rival format Blu Ray disc in the said optical disc format war, HD DVD has come up with hybrid formats of HD DVD disc to achieve its goals.

HD DVD has two types of hybrid formats. The first hybrid format contains standard DVD-Video format that is capable of regular DVD player playback. DVD-Video format is a consumer video format that utilizes the DVD technology. It is a type of digital video stored on DVD discs and is the currently the dominant video format used by numerous countries these days. This hybrid format of the HD DVD shares the same technology that of the standard DVD.

The other type of hybrid format HD DVD contains HD DVD video and can only be played on HD DVD players. The main reason for this is because HD DVD has a much better video quality than the standard DVD because it utilizes "High Definition" videos.

What differentiates the hybrid format of the HD DVD and the standard DVD is that it is capable of storing more data for high definition video playback. Its storage capability is the same that of the HD DVD disc. A single layer hybrid format HD DVD disc has a much larger capacity than that of a standard DVD disc. Single layer hybrid format has a storage capacity of 15 gigabytes of data. Much larger compared to a standard DVD which is only 4.7 on single layer disc.