Beach House Plans

Beach Houses are the serene houses that are often found on the seashore lines. They are the best locations to spend the holidays and enjoy the vacations. These typical houses are located in the mountain areas or near the water. The typical beach house plans describe the houses with large verandas with a wooden structure. The foremost living area is elevated one level above from the rest of the area.

Different beach house plans contribute in giving a picturesque view to all the long ornamental beaches. Some houses are built on berths and are suitable for the low-lying areas. These houses are spacious and well ventilated. The plan is structured with three floors one in the front area and two floors at the back. The area of the dining and the living rooms in enlarged with vaulted ceilings with an opening on the rear floor. The kitchen is well equipped with a walk- way through the decorated decks. The master bedroom on the floor has an attached walking wardrobe with spacious dress rooms. The second floor includes two bedrooms and a ceiling that serves as a third bedroom.

The dimensional layout of this beach house plans are: main floor: 1,237 sq.ft, bedrooms: 2/3, second floor: 560 sq. ft, half bathrooms: 1, full bathrooms: 2, depth: 51', width: 46', exterior walls: 2x4 and maximum ridge height: 34' 2".

Spacious beach house plans also include houses built with a magnificent view of the beaches. All the rooms i.e. breakfast room, master bedroom, the living room, the guest room have an access to the decks, and the rooms are given a spacious look with the vaulted ceilings, which also add volume to these rooms. The fireplace adds warmth to the living rooms. The bedrooms of these houses are inclusive of walking wardrobes. These houses are the best for the people who want to spend the vacation on the beach. The layout dimensions of this plan are, main area: 1,549 sq.ft, living area: 1,549 sq.ft, full bathrooms: 2, depth: 54'10", width: 50', maximum ridge height: 27' 8" and exterior walls: 2x4.

Though narrow in the width this beach house plan envelopes a large area. The houses in this plan are structured with a two-storey cottage that houses a fireplace with an access to the spacious deck. The room looks bright with the glass window bringing in lot of light. The first level and the second level of the plan include one master bedroom on each level with two spacious bedrooms. The dimensions of the plan are: Main floor: 1,281 sq.ft, living area: 2,006 sq.ft, second floor: 725 sq.ft, attached garage: can include 2 cars, 484 sq.ft, lower level: 76 sq.ft, bedrooms: 4, half bathrooms: 1, full bathrooms: 3, depth: 58', width: 44', exterior walls: 2x4 and maximum ridge height: 35'.

Different beach house plans include houses with the observation room, narrow lot design, seaside charmer, cracker style etc that are a blend of exotic and lavish structures that add a touch of warmth and adventure to the vacation.