Easy Decorating Interior Design Tips

People love to do up their homes and they will decorate and interior design based either on their own tastes and preferences or to stay with a general theme that they want to create within their home. It is not unusual to see people using varied decorating interior design ideas for different rooms and even have other members of the family do their own rooms based on individual decorating and interior design ideas.

Men and Design

Every husband should get at least one room in the house where he can implement his own decorating interior design ideas regardless of how tacky the wife thinks those ideas are. It's only fair; after all, men take out the garbage. So letting men have one lousy room in the house for their decorating interior design ideas should not be asking for too much.

Some themes are more difficult than others to implement. Many people find a Colonial American theme to be desirable but if it is only done in one room of the house then it just does not look right. Usually the decorating interior design of the entire home should try and remain consistent and many people accomplish this by deciding on a theme for the entire home and going with that.

The only real exception to this would be garages and basements. For some reason you could have almost any kind of theme you want in the garage or your finished basement and it would look just fine and not make the rest of the house look like it doesn't belong together. That is usually why the garage or the finished basement is where most men are allowed to practice their decorating interior design skills. Any room where the door can just be closed and forgotten about is usually reserved for the man of the house!

Floor to Floor

Some of the more creative decorating interior design ideas include differing themes from floor to floor as opposed to one overall theme for the entire house. The children's rooms are allowed to be customized by the children while the wife will surely attend to the master bedroom. It is usually the downstairs of the home, the main floor, that receives the consistent theme from room to room and the personal rooms assigned to each person of the house are usually customized by the person that occupies that room.

So take some time and plan a consistent theme for your home and then start to map out your decorating interior design ideas so that they are creative and make your home interesting not only to you but also to your guests.