The Many IPhone Games

There are so many iPhone games that it'd be nearly impossible to go over them all. However, we have gathered some together to share some information.
IPhone Game 1: Word Spell
In Word Spell, you arrange the letters to form words. It takes place in a wizard's library and all of the titles have disappeared from his spell books. There are six letters on the bottom of the screen and you use them to form three, four, five, or six letter words. Then, you get a certain amount of points depending on the length of the word.
IPhone Game 2: Word Search
This is like your classic word search puzzle! You get a word list of words and then you try to find them in the puzzle spelled vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You do this until you solve the whole puzzle.
IPhone Game 3: Minesweeper
Minesweeper, everyone's favorite computer game, is now an iPhone game as well! This is just like the classic version. You click on a ? to see if a mine is there. If there's not a mine there, you will be shown the amount of mines that are surrounding it. If no mines are touching it, nearby areas will automatically clear. If you finish without ever hitting the mine, you win. Once you hit the mine, you lose.
IPhone Game 4: Missile Command
Missile Command is another Nintendo game that has recently been turned into an iPhone game. Enemy bombs are falling over your city and you have to stop and destroy them. You touch the screen to launch a missile. If the enemy's bomb comes in the blast area then it is destroyed. The bombs will keep coming. The object of the game is to keep defending your cities.
IPhone Game 5: Think Ahead
You play against your phone in this game. You're trying to get more points than the iPhone. You do this by removing numbers from the board. There are specific rows and columns that you can and cannot remove or put numbers in. The game ends when there are no more moves that you can execute.
IPhone Game 6: Knight and Squire Search

The ultimate object of the game is to kill the dragon and find the treasure. You want to clear the board by landing on every object that's on there. When you want to move, you click on an object in the same row or column as your knight. Once you clear all of the objects, you go to the next level. In summary, you have to clear the whole board to win.

And Many More

The games that are mentioned above are just a few that are available for the iPhone. In all, there are dozens of different games to choose from.