Ball Pit

There is just something about a ball pit that will bring a child running. Perhaps it is the variety of great colors in the pit, but they love them all the same. Most children love balls, so I guess it was a match made in heaven. There have been stories about weird things found in these pits, but they have been proven to be untrue. However, that does not mean you shouldn't use some caution when you are thinking about allowing your child to play in one away from home.

The biggest problems I have with a ball pit that is in a public place is the germs. I love children, but I don't love what many of them carry around with them. It only takes one sick child to sneeze a few times in any of the ball pits you may find to spread a cold around to each child that gets in the same pit after they are done. I won't say that most places don't clean them very often, but if I had to make a bet, I would bet it doesn't happen very often. For that reason, I don't really allow my daughter to get into them.

However, you can get a ball pit of your very own for your children to play with at home. They aren't an every day toy by any means, but they can be fun for playing outside or for special events like play dates or birthday parties. When you own one, remember that you should do a really good job of keeping them clean. If they are used by a bunch of children, they should probably be cleaned after each use. The balls may be hard to clean one by one, but it is a good idea to keep them as free from germs as possible. There is no need to be overly cautious, but some cleaning is always a good idea.

You will find a ball pit at most toys stores, but if you can't, you can find places that sell them online. The ones you might want to get are the ones that have an inflatable pit so that they ball pit c

an be put away when not in use. Most don't have the room to have one up all of the time, so the blow up type is very popular. If you have a large toy room and wish to have one that can be up more, you can find some with a sturdier build that will take the day to day punishment of what might your child's favorite toy, at least for a little while.