Finding Best Laminate Flooring For Individual Room Use

Finding Best Laminate Flooring For Individual Room Use

One of the easiest ways of improving the appearance of a room is by upgrading the flooring. Depending on the homeowner's tastes, new floor covering can be carpeting, tile or wood flooring. Many people today are reverting back to the appearance that wood offers and using the best laminate flooring they can afford, can offer a room a rich look without the mess usually associated with the installation of wood floors.

While price plays a major role in the quality of the wood flooring, the most expensive brands on the market may not always be the best laminate flooring for the individual's room or design. Two main types of laminate flooring exist, high-pressure laminate and direct pressure. Direct pressure processes creates a great looking product but may not be the best laminate flooring for rooms in which children play often or have a large amount of foot traffic. Direct pressure laminate flooring typically is made with three layers of fiberboard and is susceptible to denting of the floor.

High pressure laminate flooring is made with five or more layers and is stronger and less likely to show dents. Even those with an attached padding will not sound as hollow as some of the less expensive materials, making them some of the best laminate flooring products needed for high-traffic areas. Although, the more expensive, hence durable products, may not be necessary in every room in the house.

Mixing Flooring Quality May Save Money

As with most products, the better quality is usually accompanied by a higher price tag and laminate flooring is no different. Using the best laminate flooring you can afford to meet the daily demands of some rooms may give better service and durability over the years. However, for certain rooms in which traffic is at a minimum, installation costs can be reduced by using a lower quality, less expensive product, providing it can be found with the same pattern and in the same color.

In many cases, regardless of price, each box of flooring will contain repeated patterns if they are laid in place in the same order in which they are removed from the box, the created floor pattern may not be as orderly as expected. Most installers recommend that even with the best laminate flooring that at least five boxes are opened and the panels used from different boxes to attain the best laminate flooring pattern possible for the design being used.