American Lung Association

There are many organizations which are dedicated to seeing that our health is looked after on all levels. One such organization that you may have heard of is the American Lung Association. While most of us will connect smoking and lung cancers in association with this medical organization there is more to this place than that.

In brief the American Lung Association is concerned with how various aspects of our life are affecting our lungs and in turn our overall health. This facility has many dedicated researchers who look at the effects certain lifestyle habits have on our lungs ability to function.

To gain a better idea of the services which can be found by this company you can look in the internet pages of the American Lung Association. This may seem confusing at first look at the various items that you will find. These will provide you with other links to check out or you will find the information that you require.

What you can find should help you to recognize if you are undergoing any of the symptoms which are related to lung problems. You will be able to see what steps you should take to prevent the lung problem from spiraling out of control.

Of the different types of lung related problems you will find that COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease as it is also called is one of the health issues which you will find having a link that you can access. Asthma and Hayfever along with lung cancer are the other health issues that you can find information about.

In order to help people understand how various elements in our society and life can affect our health the American Lung Association has people who understand these effects. You will be able to find a branch office situated near you. Additionally there are many types of educational programs which are designed to help the public understand the effects these lung related problems.

These educational programs that you will find are ones like Asthma Open Airways For Schools, Freedom From Smoking which is a support group, Teens Against Tobacco Use which is also known as TATU. There are various research groups which help the American Lung Association to educate people in how the environment can affect our health either beneficially or adversely.

To find out these different services which are provided by the American Lung Association you should visit their website. You will see just how this foundation tries to help prolong the quality of life for us by the many services they render.