3 Tried and True Options for Obesity Help

If you are obese and need help in turning the tables on your weight problem, there are a lot of products, plans and pills out there that will fight for your hard earned money. And while some programs are legitimate, there is unfortunately no magic drug that can make you lose pounds overnight and get you three dress sizes smaller in two weeks. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is and that is the first thing you should think about when looking for obesity help.

Obesity help can come in a variety of forms; with these there being very popular because of their realistic approach and real results

Weight Watchers

The way Weight Watchers helps you fight obesity is through a points system where they assign a points value to all foods and you know how much you can eat in a day. A typical points range will be around 21 for a day and you get to keep a food diary where you record how many points you have used up. Weight Watchers helps fight obesity with teaching portion control, rewarding exercise and providing a lot of support by weekly meetings where you can discuss your goals, meet with a fitness specialist and learn from others successes. This program lets you choose your own food, you only need to pay a weekly fee of around $9 to attend meetings and check your weight.

Slim Fast

The Slim Fast line of shakes, bars and other nutritional products can help fight obesity because again it lets you control hunger and sweet cravings with a protein laden shake which you can replace for one or two meals. The third meal should be taken as you normally would of course keeping sensible guidelines in mind.

Jenny Craig

If you have seen Kirstie Alley or Joy Behar on television advertising for Jenny Craig, you probably know that many celebrities and average Joes like the program because there is no counting and there are no group meetings you need to attend. People like the individualized and more customized approach of Jenny Craig even though it is more expensive. You need to buy food from the weight loss center in order to go with their program for obesity help and the dishes range from a couple of dollars to a few more pricey items.

Whichever method you choose for helping fight obesity, stick with it, have a little patience and you will see those pounds melt away - good luck!