Information on Purple Orchids

There are over 25,000 orchid plants, as the orchid genus is one of the most populous plants in the world. Purple orchids are one of the favored types of orchids, because of their dramatic and exotic color and aroma. Although many people mistakenly think that orchids are a difficult plant to grow this is actually not true, and if you can grow houseplants you can grow orchids.

Getting Started

If you are interested in growing purple orchids, one of the best things that you can do is go out and get yourself a good book on orchids. This book will come in very handy during your orchid growing project and you will have something to turn to if you ever have a quick question or need some ideas.

You will also have to consider the environment that you have to offer. You do not need a greenhouse to grow your purple orchids but you will need a window or light in your home. Light is one of the most important elements to growing orchid plants of any kind, and as a general statement most orchid houseplants do well in medium light.

Purple orchids should not be crowded and this will also allow them all to get the sunlight that they need to strive, rather than being covered by other orchids. A sheer curtain may be required in order to protect your orchids from excessive light, or you can simply take them out of the window and put them in the shade once the harsh midday sun comes out. If you like to take your plants outside to get their sunlight, make sure that you use isopropyl alcohol to spot treat your plants to help keep them pest free.

You will also need to get them the proper growing material for the purple orchids, and most actually require no soil. Instead you will need to use rocks, mulch, sand, crumbled charcoal, pebbles, or another material depending on the specific type of orchids you are growing.

Learning how to grow orchids in your home is truly a beautiful hobby, and you can even take some of the flowers that you grow and use them in wedding bouquets or for making floral arrangements.

Growing orchids certainly does not have to be difficult and as long as you are educated and understanding on what you are doing then you should not have that many problems and should come out with some healthy and beautiful orchids.