Features of the Palm Pilot Professional

The Palm Pilot Professional or Pilot Pro, along with Palm Pilot Personal, is the second generation of personal digital assistant devices developed by Palm Inc. It was released a decade ago and was an updated version of the first ever Palm handheld device. The Palm Pilot Professional is compact and features a back-lit screen and quick connectivity to a desktop computer, whether Mac or PC.

The Palm Pilot Professional also enables synchronization with the device's cradle via a modem (sold separately) to the user's computer, allowing access to a host of functions like sending email, setting appointments and adding or editing contact information. It is also works with different third-party software that lets users connect to messaging systems.

The Palm Pilot Professional runs on the Palm OS version 2.0, which is upgradeable to version 3.0, and Motorola's microprocessor DragonBall. It has an internal memory of 1MB, a screen resolution of 160 x 160 pixels, and a serial connector expansion slot. This device uses two AAA batteries that gives up to 30 hours of life when fully charged. The Palm Pilot Professional is 4.7 inches high, 3.2 inches wide, 0.7 inches deep and weighs 6 ounces.

The Palm Pilot Professional blends convenience and organization in one lightweight handheld device. Office workers, managers and executives can go paperless when creating schedules, lists and notes. This not only lessens paper clutter on your desk but it also contributes to improved efficiency because all these important information is stored in one place.

Moreover, with the Palm Pilot Professional you can access, download and modify data - email, documents, schedule, contact information, notes, and etcetera - even when you are not in the office, at anytime. The device's modem enables data exchange between your handheld device and your personal computer. The Palm Pilot Professional also has a backup feature that saves transmitted data.

While the Palm Pilot Professional is certainly not a new product, many people who have it find that it still works and operates very well. Unfortunately, because this product is ten years old, it would be difficult to find downloadable software support for it. Check the forums of Palm users on the Palm website (Customer Service and Support page) to get advice on a particular issue regarding the Palm Pilot Professional.

The Palm Pilot Professional is still available in the market and is ideal for budget-conscious buyers who are looking for a handheld that does the work, sturdy, easy to use and very convenient.