Building Patios Can Be A Weekend Project

Many homeowners may be adept at installing patios on their own, but for those who want the job done right the first time, they may want to hire someone with experience with cement or paving brick to do the job for them. Building patios of brick or pavers resting on sand is not the difficult, provided the base on which the bricks will rest is level from all angles and the bricks are placed according the manufacturer's recommendations.

Concrete can be a tremendous surface of which to make patios, and the use of stone cutters or special surface forms can provide an appearance of flagstone or bricks in the surface of concrete. However, for their to be no doubt about the material of which the patios are made, using paving bricks can by easy enough. All the homeowner needs is a level surface on which to lay the bricks, a tape measure, a level and a lot of patience.

Ideally, one side of the patio stones are put into place in a straight line, verified by using a piece of heavy string. Lying the string on the ground adjacent to the bricks and tapping them with a rubber mallet to put them place can make the first row of bricks straight. Those experienced in constructing patios often have a heavy form they use to place on the sand for the first row, Once it is in place, frequent verification of the straightness of subsequent rows will insure an even surface.

Be Cautious Of Creating Trip Hazards

As the bricks are in place it is common, especially in patios using smaller blocks, to have corners be uneven. This creates the potential for tripping over an upraised edge. One of the easiest methods of making sure all the bricks are flush is to use a string attached to one corner and pass the string along the surface of the patio. If the string gets hung up, the brick should be pounded down until it is smooth.

Building patios can be a lucrative business as many people have been unable to sell their homes in a tight real estate market and are converting their outdoor space to expanded recreational areas. Being able to quickly add patios where part of the backyard used to be is one way people are extending their floor plan.

Straight and level are the buzz words when it comes to building patios for yourself or for money and there should never be any compromising in materials or workmanship to make it right. Using the right bricks for the climate as well for durability can provide patios for several years of use.