Is Natural Pet Food for Your Pets?

Pet owners want their loved animals to live long and healthy lives and some owners are convinced that providing them with natural foods gives their pets the best opportunity to stay healthy. Natural pet foods typically do not have any artificial preservatives in them or artificial colors. You can usually be assured that they do not contain pesticides that might be harmful to your dog or cat. Some natural pet foods fall into the organic category and others do not. However, whole foods are usually found in these types of pet foods.

Anti-oxidants and Natural Pet Foods

Experts and veterinarians have been concerned over the years by the lack of anti-oxidants in the typical pet food. Vitamin C, E and beta-carotene have wonderful health benefits for humans and research has shown that they also have beneficial affects for dogs and cats and other animals. Anti-oxidants are able to reduce the harmful affects that free radicals can cause your pets.

Free radicals are known to kill cells in the body, damage cell membranes and even harm DNA. They can cause cancer and heart and lung disease in your pet. The anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin A, E and C are found in a variety of foods, especially vegetables. Quality natural pet foods usually contain fresh vegetables which will provide the important anti-oxidants to your pets.

They also usually contain fiber which is important for maintaining good health in your pets just as with humans. Natural pet foods try to offer a good balance of protein, carbohydrates vegetables and other healthy items in order to keep your pets healthy. Whole grains have been shown to be important for the health of your dogs and cats just as they are for humans, thus natural pet foods usually contain them. Some of the pet foods you find at the grocery store contain items that are not nutritious and the kibble is not properly designed to be balanced in the major food categories.

Natural Food for Your Dogs

A typical natural food product designed for dogs might include items such as chicken, chicken meal, ground up brown rice and ground up white rice, sunflower oil, sometimes flaxseeds, and a variety of vegetables, healthy fats and natural flavorings. Vitamins and minerals might be added, however some contain food substances that already provide the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals. You surely want to provide your family members with healthy quality foods and if you want your pets to stay healthy you should consider providing your dogs and cats with healthy natural pet foods too.