Getting The Best Plasma TV That You Can Afford

For most consumers, the best plasma TV on the market is the one they can afford and that will fit in their home. Beyond that, there are some features to look for when considering the purchase of a new television. There is a lot of discussion on the differences between plasma and LCD screens and arguments for and against each, but when the decision is made that you want a plasma screen, it pays to do your homework to make sure you can get the best plasma TV available for the price you can afford.

Once you have figures out your price range you can begin to look at the features available on some of the best plasma TV sets available. The life of the panel is going to be one of the most important things to look at, as you want a television that will last more than a couple of years. Most of the best plasma TV panels will last a minimum of 60,000 hours, which translates into about 20 years of viewing an average of eight hours a day.

The angle of picture perfect viewing should be around 170-degrees, which is about 85-degrees in both directions from its center, available on most of the best plasma TV sets on the market today. This allows more people to gather around the set without fighting over a middle seat, which is common among most projection big screen units.

Inputs For Other Devices Can Be A Deal Maker

Most people will use their television for a variety of entertainment devices such as a DVD player, games and even as a temporary computer monitor. The number of inputs available on the best plasma TV sets will include HDMI, component video inputs, composite video and S-video inputs. An RF antenna input can add even more versatility to viewing potential on the best plasma TV.

Look for the contrast ratio of the set to determine the resolution of the picture, with the best plasma TV offering a ratio of about 10,000:1 making up to a billion colors available on the screen. An integrated tuner as well as a built-in surround sound system with at least Dolby 5.1 is a must for the best plasma TV to provide the ultimate in home entertainment.

Aspect ratio of most wide screen units are set at 13:9 with many claiming that the best plasma TV will offer progressive scanning as opposed to interlaced scanning of the image to produce the best picture clarity possible.